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Now you can give your clients more convenience with Oticon Opn — rechargeable hearing aids with an open sound experience and 2.4 GHz direct streaming. All you have to do is exchange the battery drawer on any Oticon Opn miniRITE hearing aid.

Rialto Navy Women's 'VIVA' Women's Mule 'VIVA' Rialto Mule Easy, convenient and reassuring

Meet today's growing demand for rechargeability with the new Opn solution, and make everyday life easier for hearing aid users. Simple overnight charging provides a full charge with plenty of power for the next day. There's no need to keep track of batteries or even open the battery drawer.

Available for all Opn miniRITE instruments.

Convenience without compromises

Convenience should not mean compromises. Rechargeable Opn users will get the groundbreaking open sound experience with full 2.4 GHz audio streaming capability. They get a full-day's charge overnight and can still use ordinary backup batteries in emergencies.

  • Just how big is the potential of rechargeable hearing aids?

  • How can I order an Oticon Opn rechargeable kit?

  • See how easy it is to make Oticon Opn rechargeable.

What are the benefits of rechargeable Oticon Opn hearing aids?

  • Reassuring — Simply sit the hearing aids in a charger at night and wake up to full-power hearing aids each morning
  • Convenient — No need to replace batteries every few days, no need to open the battery drawer
  • Efficient — Save the time, money and environmental impact of buying hundreds of batteries per year
  • Hybrid power — Enjoy the flexibility of using ordinary batteries anytime — forgetting to charge is no problem
  • Upgradeable — All new and existing Opn miniRITE instruments can be upgraded with the rechargeable solution
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The Opn Rechargeable Solution

The standard rechargeable kit for a pair of hearing aids consists of two battery drawers, two silver-zinc rechargeable batteries, and a charger. It is made for Oticon by ZPower, so you order the complete solution from Oticon — just as you would order a hearing aid. You can order a new Oticon Opn with the rechargeable solution preassembled or make the upgrade yourself to a new or existing Opn hearing aid in your clinic.

The rechargeable solution is currently available for Oticon Opn miniRITE hearing aids only.

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